Balusters: – Designed as a molded shaft, square or of lathe-turned form, our balusters are of delicate structure adding a touch of elegance to any staircase.

Verandah Posts, Bed Posts, Mirror Posts – Our verandah bed and mirror posts are available from 100mm to 150mm in diameter and in lengths from 2.4 and up to 4.2 meters. Our posts are made to order; therefore the turned section can be made to the desired measurements. Alternatively, be creative and design your own special post, the possibilities are infinite!

Frieze Panels –
Adornments for Cabinetry & Furniture! Transform your room designs with a hearty acanthus crown molding or a frieze reminiscent of the rolling vineyards of Tuscany!

Rosettes –
We specialize in wood rosettes, hand carved rosettes, carved wooden rosettes, adding dimension and texture to your cabinets or walls.


Post Capitals and Finials – Post caps and Finials serve two very important functions; one decorative and the other vital to the health of your deck and fence posts. It is very important to cap off the tops of your fence and deck posts so insects cannot bore into the wood easily and water cannot seep into the grain of the wood and swell, causing cracks and splintering.

Brackets – Our Brackets are made for a range of uses. Made of wood they can be used for purely ornamental purposes or may also support a statue, the spring of an arch, a beam, or a shelf. Brackets also act as an element in the systems used to mount modern facade cladding systems onto the outside of modern buildings as well as interior.

Window Canopies – With a large range of window canopies that provide a decorative yet functional solution for protection against radiant heat and other weather conditions, our range of profiles will suit a variety of roofing styles.

Corner Blocks for New Homes – Enhance your doors and windows with our decorative wooden Corner and Base Blocks. Where casing meets at the corners of doors and windows our wood Corner Blocks eliminate the need for tedious, often ill-fitting miter (angle) cuts adding a touch more elegance. W


Cover Buttons & Knobs – All our decorative knobs and pulls add structure as well as grace to any room. Our knobs and pulls are extremely detailed and can be made in a range of designs from swirls and classic scrolls to beaded designs.

Lounge and Chest Legs – We specialize in custom furniture legs & feet. If you do not find what you are looking for, or are trying to duplicate an existing leg, we can make it for you.

Spindles – Adding a modern feel to any chair our spindles are made of a top quality wood and are decorated and fashioned by hand or with our lathe.

Corbels – Create instant decorative visual impact in your home or office with corbels from our extensive collection. We’ve got a great selection of Hardwood Corbels available in all popular wood types as well as a variety of sizes and styles.

Fascia Trim – Alternatively known as wood trim, fascia trim is made from synthetic or varnished, natural wood, and can be made to add class to any ending.

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