When it comes to renovating your home it is essential that you consider what types of handrails, balusters and posts are appropriate. The type of stairs and rails that you choose will drastically influence the look of your home. Equally, knowing what styles of handrails, balusters and posts are available will make it a lot easier to choose the best design for your home.


Handrails are a significant part of all staircases, for both safety and aesthetic reasons. As well, they can either detract or add to your décor. Wooden handrails are one of the most common types of handrails but are also one of the most versatile and striking. There are a large variety of styles that can easily match your home design. The best choices for handrails include functionality, good proportion and beautiful craftsmanship.

At Farache Woodturning we have an amazing selection of handrails that will fit your decorating needs. We also do customizations so that the handrails in your home are precisely what you want. Here are a few choices:

Straight Handrails: Depending on the style you choose; straight handrails can add clean, smooth sophistication or warm, rustic appeal.

Bending Handrails: This type of handrail is for either circular or curved stairways. They add dimension and depth to any room. The bending handrail can be made simple or luxurious. As well, they can easily be custom designed.

Wall Mounted Handrails: The wall mounted handrail can be visually appealing and is designed to complement the stair banister and stair accessories. They provide a great visual accent to your home décor.

Handrail Fittings and Accessories: There are a huge variety of handrail fittings and accessories such as brackets and rosettes. These components play a big role in aesthetics and complete the look of your staircase. They are an important dynamic that ties everything together.


A balustrade is a railing with supporting balusters. The balusters are posts that support the upper rail. Staircases and porches generally have balustrades. A freestanding handrail will require uprights or balustrades. Otherwise steps with enclosed spaces use wall mounted handrails.

Balustrades can be a simple design or delicately carved. At Farache Woodturning, their balusters have a delicate yet solid structure that adds a touch of magnificence to any staircase. Some of the styles include:

Plain: Simple yet elegant. This style never detracts from the design of your staircase. It is a good choice if you already have a complex design or if you want a smooth and clean look.

Poinsettia: Adds a nice decorative touch that gives a country or cottage like feel. It is a balustrade ideal for heritage type styles.

TasmanTurned: Classic yet sophisticated. This type of balustrade enhances both the contemporary home and the heritage or historical.

Tulip: Enhances the country or cottage home with a charm and grace. It is a balustrade that is perfect for both cultural and traditional styles.


Posts are essential for the stairway. Choosing an attractive post will make an impressive statement in your stairs. The regular post is set between the newel posts. The newel provides strength to your stairway. It is also the main focus when you grab the handrails. Farache Woodturning has a huge selection of posts including newel posts. To complete your stairway you can choose from beautifully designed square posts, slender and sleek Flagstaff-Posts, a Tasman Newel Post, custom Turned Newel Posts and more.

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