When it comes to designing your home you only want the best. One of the most important home features are the external components including carports, fences and pergolas. It is what makes your home stand out from all the rest. Additionally, custom matched components will increase the value of your home.

Custom matched components come in a wide variety of types. The choices include verandah posts, brackets and post capitals.

Verandah Posts

When it comes to adding beauty to your home’s exterior, nothing can compare to a veranda. It adds charm and completeness to any home. Whatever style you choose, a veranda adds a touch of class, grace and style.

What is more, you can add veranda posts for an even more stunning look. Custom veranda posts come in a beautiful selection of styles and craftsmanship. For instance, the selections can vary from old-style saloon to Victorian Heritage.

And with custom veranda posts, they can be made to order. As a result, the turned section can be made to the desired measurements. Moreover, you can be creative and design your own special veranda posts, the options are endless!


Although brackets are for ornamental purposes they can also be used to support a shelf, arch, beam or statue. In addition, brackets can add a special element to your décor or outside living environment.

As well, brackets act as a component used to mount modern facade cladding systems onto the outside of modern buildings or in the interior.

Custom made wood brackets can also add a nice accent to exterior front entries, porches, gables and columns. They can have a smooth of rough sawn finish to match your design or architecture. Additionally, brackets can be custom designed to whatever you desire.

Finials and Post Capitals

Post Capitals and finials have two very important functions. Finials add aesthetic value to your home and post capitals are imperative to the health of your deck and fence posts.

In point of fact, it is very important to cap off the tops of your deck and fence posts for preservation purposes. For one, a post cap will prevent insects from boring into the wood and causing extensive damage. Lastly, a post cap can keep from seeping into the grain of the wood that can cause swelling, cracking and splintering.

Finials give your deck and fence a distinctive look. They come in a wide selection of styles, shapes and finishes. In addition, you can custom order to fit your needs and desires.

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